Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hangers & Rings

So. The latest projects to come off the sticks: The Sand Dune Hanger Cover from Twinkle's Weekend Knits, and a sweet little 'heart' ring that I improvised.

First, the hanger cover: I knitted this up out of left-over yarn I had from the urchin beret and I love it! Imagine a closet full of these - perfect for holding sun dresses, silk tank tops, etc.

ps: this took about 20 minutes to knit - seriously fast and gratifying!

Next. I'm experimenting w/knitted jewelry and came up with this 'heart' ring made from 3 knitted balls: One silver, one gold w/peridot, and one silver w/peridot. After I knitted the balls, I wove them together into the heart shape & wove in the ends. Then I attached the 'ring' part by twisting some gold wire for extra strength.

I'm pretty pleased w/how this turned out - especially due to the improvisational nature of it all.

This ring has my brain working overtime thinking of more knitted jewelry possibilities! More bobbles to come for sure!

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