Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mochi! Mochi!

I should be working. But I needed a blog break...

So, I made the Mochimochi Land grass. She lives on my desk at work. Oh, I should mention that my Dad named her Astra Turf. (he thinks he's funny.)

And I'm going to make more. Lots more. Or at least a few more for my nephews.

Stitched in a heart on the bum for fun too.

Speaking of hearts:

These knit up in a snap. Think I'll make a ton of these too - but I'll need to change the yarn up. It didn't felt as much as I would have liked. Oh well...

{ps: my mattress stitch is more like a fumble-through-this-'til-I-get-to-the-end stitch. don't judge. I'll work on it.}

Yarns: Grass made from Cascade 220 in Palm. Hearts made from Nature's Palette Fingerling in Owl's Clover.

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