Sunday, March 30, 2008

stash bustin'

I'm trying to work away at my ever growing yarn stash. Seriously. It's a little out of control.

So gifts for everyone! Really. If you're reading this -- you'll probably be getting something sometime this Spring/Summer in the mail. :D

Here's what has come off of the needles this week:

Herringbone Neck Warmer from Craig at Loop Yarn in Philly. He's really nice -- you should shop at his store/website!

I made this from Jade Sapphire's 100% Handspun Mongolian Cashmere. And it's soooo soft. I also altered the pattern just a smidge to allow for 3 buttons instead of 2. Even numbers just don't sit well with me.

The whole time I was knitting it, I was thinking of how great this pattern would look made with Manos Handspun Multi in Eclipse. And I just happen to have one in my stash. So...

See? It looks cool already. Love the blues, purples, roses, and yellows.

I'm working on this cowl for my friend Elly. Made from Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande in a Powdery Blue. The goal is to have it finish by mid next week so she has some time left to wear it on chilly nights in Saratoga Springs.

And Finally, the disaster of the month. Mary-Jane Slippers.

These were supposed to knit up into a pair of sweet little slippers. Mine however, were a floppy mess. The knitting was smooth - the pattern, easy to read. But the felting went all wrong. They didn't shrink up nearly as much as they should have and are gigantic on my foot. So, out they go! (I'm just happy that I only made one as a test before I wasted any more of my Manos.)


On the sticks next week: Probably some socks and definitly a shawl/vest for my Mom.

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